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The lack of core technology seriously affects the development of China's plastic machinery industry and also affects the status quo of the plastic bottle industry

In recent years, the annual growth rate of China's plastic machinery industry has been around 30%, and it is one of the fastest growing industries in China's machinery industry. But despite this, according to incomplete calculations, excluding the export of domestic plastic machines, there is still a tens of billions of yuan in the market for Chinese plastic machines every year. Is the output of China's presses insufficient? In fact, it is an indisputable fact in the industry that a large number of low-precision small injection molding machines, extruders, and blow molding machines fought a price war due to sales difficulties. So, why is there a market gap of tens of billions of dollars? Relevant experts analyzed that the core issue is still technology.

Statistics show that China imports tens of thousands of sets of presses every year, and the unit price of imported exquisite presses is usually several times or even ten times higher than that of domestic products. Since domestic plastic presses can hardly compete with imported Japanese and European products in terms of efficiency, precision, and stability, almost all of the large-scale, high-speed, sophisticated, and specialized equipment fields are occupied by imported goods. At the same time, due to market and other factors, the output of China's plastic machinery saw a negative growth in 2005, down 5.39% from the previous year.

This shows that foreign plastic machine manufacturers have obvious competitive advantages in technology, and the lack of technology is seriously affecting the development of China's plastic machine industry. In some of China's plastic machinery product areas, imported equipment dominates, such as China's heat-resistant PET bottle production equipment, optical disc production equipment, medium and high-grade car plastic covering equipment, delicate electronic parts production equipment, and ceramic injection molding for delicate ceramic components Almost all of them are imported equipment, such as magnetic injection molding machines for producing neodymium-boron electronic components. In addition, the production equipment for high-grade film or special engineering plastic products is also the world of imported production lines.

Industry experts predict that in the future China's press market, high-tech, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, large, fully electronic, composite and specialized presses will have better prospects, and high-grade brand presses will be widely recognized by the market. Some domestic companies have also tasted the sweetness brought about by improved technology.

Mr. Yang from the marketing department of Fuzhou Tongjie Plastic Machinery Factory believes that the overall growth rate of the plastics processing industry declined due to the high price of raw materials last year, which reduced the demand for plastic machines, but the company’s sales volume is still rising steadily, relying on the company’s technology. Products with higher content. Energy-saving, low-consumption, exquisite, automated, and high-value-added plastic machines have become the first choice for users. Plastic machine manufacturers must carry out technological transformation and technological upgrades to existing products as soon as possible to withstand the unpredictable encounters in the plastic machine market.

While the number of imported plastic machines in China continues to increase, the export of domestically produced plastic machines has also continued to increase. According to a staff member of the Quanzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, 2005 was the year when the export of domestic injection molding machines increased rapidly. The export volume of some manufacturers accounted for 20%-30% of the total production, but the total export value was less than the total import value. 10% of China’s exports, and most of China’s exports go to developing countries. Of course, in their low-end injection molding industry, these developing countries also need injection molding machine products with greater cost-effective advantages like China. However, with the development of the injection molding machine industry in their domestic or surrounding areas, China’s export advantage will soon be Will disappear. Therefore, China's press industry still needs to use technology to improve product quality.