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How does plastic bottle packaging have the advantages of glass bottles?

For plastic bottles and glass bottles these two kinds of packaging. They have always been mortal enemies, and they have a trade-off relationship in the market. For packaging manufacturers, choosing one of these two types of packaging must accept the shortcomings of this type of packaging. For plastic bottles, packaging materials have become more abundant in recent years, and blow molding technology has also continued to advance. It may be a good choice to solve the current problem of the two advantages of plastic bottles and glass bottles in plastic bottle packaging. We all know that the emergence of acrylic packaging has effectively solved the problem that the appearance of plastic bottle packaging is not beautiful enough. This kind of packaging that looks like a glass bottle has the advantages of plastic bottle packaging. Therefore, it is welcomed by cosmetics manufacturers and is the current cosmetic packaging. The mainstream type. One thing about plastic bottles is the safety of the preheating of plastic bottle packaging. Whether the internal structure of the plastic bottle is unstable due to high temperature and releases substances that are harmful to the human body. This has always been a concern for many consumers. However, we believe that this point can be used for reference to the idea of ​​using pesticide bottles in the bottle body to use coating technology to solve the corrosion of pesticides on plastic bottles. It is obviously a good idea to develop a coating material in the plastic bottle to make the plastic bottle achieve a stable structure like a glass bottle without releasing substances that are harmful to the human body.