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How to solve the problem of deformation of PET plastic bottles in the production process

Plastic bottle is a kind of container with high rigidity and beautiful appearance. It can be used in different industries. The common shapes of plastic bottle are round, square, oval, etc. According to different usage requirements, plastic bottles of different shapes can be selected.

The wall thickness of the plastic bottle is uniform, and the printed surface should be flat, while the liquid plastic bottle must contain handles, grooves and other strengthening structures. In the production process, in order to prevent deformation, some solutions are needed.

1. Deformation caused by hot filling: Fill at room temperature as much as possible. In order to achieve the purpose, extend the circulating transfer tube or increase the cooling device to avoid this phenomenon.

2. Deformation due to weightlessness: Choose plastic bottles with different barrier effect materials to achieve excellent barrier effects to reduce deformation and other phenomena.

In general, PET plastic bottles are widely used in different industries, and as a mainstream packaging form, they are favored by the market. It has an important influence on the packaging market.