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Guangzhou Yuhua Packaging Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of cosmetic packaging materials, mainly producing blown bottles: PET bottles, PETG bottles, plastic emulsion bottles,

Plastic foam bottles, shampoo bottles, plastic bottle caps, hand sanitizer bottles, thick-walled bottles, thick-bottomed bottles, injection molding products: bottles, caps, puff boxes, etc. With 20 professional production lines, it has the advantages of large output and short delivery time. It has focused on packaging material production for 10 years and has accumulated a large number of bottle-shaped molds. At the same time, we focus on design and research and development, and constantly have new products coming out, a variety of styles, and convenience Customer choice, reduce customer development costs.

In order to reduce the user’s procurement cost and cycle, we provide a full set of packaging solutions, bottles, caps, pump heads, painting, electroplating, printing, labeling, warehousing, logistics, each module we have a professional team to follow up, select Material, processing, quality inspection are all linked together. Ensure delivery of high-quality products to users.

Packaging is the face of cosmetics. Good packaging enhances the quality of cosmetics. We know how important the quality of packaging is for users, so we uphold: Quality is the best service, always put quality first, and user experience Put it first!